Saturday, 5 May 2012

Vivo Cosmetics Baked Blush in Peaches and Cream

Hello everyone,
This is another product which a lot of you will have seen before. It is a 'baked blush' from VIVO Cosmetics, which is a budget brand and is available from Tesco.

The packaging of this blush is a silver plastic base with a clear plastic lid. I actually quite like this packaging because it is extremely easy to open and close, and despite being so cheap, the packaging does not feel flimsy or like it would break easily.

I chose a shade called 'Peaches and Cream' which is a peach colour (obviously) but with very pink undertones. It looks ridiculously pretty in the pan and there is some slight shimmer in it, but don't let that put you off if you're not a fan of glitter as it doesn't translate onto the face.

Apologies for the rubbish swatch picture, I just couldn't get the colour to show when I tried to picture it on my face :\. Anyway, the blush is rather pigmented which is good, and you don't need a lot of it to get a nice glow to your face, so the chances are this product will last you a while. It blends in easily with a brush - I tried it with my Real Techniques brush and a cheap brush just from Superdrug and they both blended it well.

I think this is suited to lighter skin tones as I don't think the peachy colour would suit people with darker skin, but there are roughly around 4 shades in the VIVO collection for you to choose from.

This cost me £4.00 for 8g, and considering a little of this product would go a long way it's really good value. For such a cheap product it's safe to say I wasn't expecting it to be this good. I have also heard some good things about VIVO's pressed eyeshadows, so I may have to go and try some of them next time I'm in Tesco (the fact that they're sold in Tesco is also a plus because this makes them readily available to a lot of people).

Overall, I think it's a really good product :) I would definately repurchase this, and will probably be buying a lot more from VIVO in the near future.

Anyone tried this? Or have any VIVO reccommendations?


  1. I saw this in Tesco the other day and so very nearly picked it up, wish I had now it looks so pretty. I was a bit put off by the shimmer but think I'll definitely be going back for it now I know it doesn't leave you with a disco ball face! x

  2. I was almost put off by the shimmer but the colour was too pretty haha!
    Yeah the glitter doesnt show much when it's actually on your face :) x

  3. i haven't heard of this line before, but it reminds me of the milani baked blushes! have you tried those before? they're quite good :D

    1. No I havent! Will have to keep an eye out xx