Saturday, 23 March 2013

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer/Highlighter Pen

I've never been one with much of a problem with dark circles under my eyes, but a combination of too much uni work and a lack of sleep saw me developing some nasty ones over the past couple of weeks! I began looking for an under eye concealer/highlighter, as the concealer I use (collection lasting perfection) isn't really suitable for the under-eye area as I just find that it's too thick and difficult to blend on the delicate skin around the eyes. So, step forward this - L'Oreal's answer to the infamous YSL Touche Eclat:
"L'Oréal Paris's essential accessory for a luminous look. Apply light touches around the eyes to help brighten the appearance of your eyes, helping to diminish the look of dark circles."
The packaging is really lovely - I am a big fan of rose gold and my only complaint would be that it is extremely prone to fingerprints but I guess that's to be expected! The brush applicator is also really good quality, although personally I am not a fan of the twist up to get the product to come out, is it just me who gets the product absolutely everywhere when you first use it?!
I have been using this for a couple of weeks now, and I have nothing but good things to say! I have found it works absolute wonders when it comes to making me look more awake and concealing dark circles under my eyes.
It has a subtle shimmer running through it, which really helps to brighten the entire eye area. I am not usually a fan of shimmery products but in this case, I do feel the shimmer is what makes it such a good product! It's also really easy to blend without dragging the skin, which is a major plus point for me.
There are 3 shades in the range - light, medium and dark. I have the shade light, which is a perfect match for me (I am very pale!), but I seem to remember that even the dark shade wasn't too dark so if you have a dark skin tone you may struggle to find a match!

I would 100% recommend this to anyone who feels they need to conceal dark circles under their eyes. It genuinely makes me look like I've had a good 8 hour sleep - even if nothing could be further from the truth!
This is £8.49 and available from Boots and Superdrug. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Today is the first time in a while I've actually had some time to sit down and write a blog post, which I am soo glad about! I miss writing blog posts but unfortunately I have way too much uni work at the min, boo!
Anyway, I didn't really fancy writing about anything beauty-related, so I've opted to write a little post about baking! I love baking, it's something I really enjoy and I love whipping up some cupcakes or a victoria sponge from time to time! As much as I emjoy baking, cookies and biscuits are the one thing I barely ever make, due to the fact that each time I try, they always end up either a soggy mess or burnt to a crisp! That was until I found this recipe on Anna's blog, Vivianna Does Makeup. I'm sure plenty of you will have seen people talking about this recipe, so I decided to try it, and I am so glad I did!
These were literally amazing, even if I do say so myself! The recipe was also really simple to follow, which is always good!
You will need:
200g unsalted butter
300g caster sugar
1 egg
275g self-raising flour
75g cocoa powder
3 bars of chocolate (dark, millk, white)
A small amount of milk
1) Mix butter and sugar together until light and fluffy
2) Add the egg and mix until combined
3) Add flour and cocoa powder, and mix
4) Add chocolate (broken into squares)
5) If needed, add a splash of milk to make the mixture less dry
6) Make 12 dough balls and place on a greased baking tray
7) Bake for 10 mins in 200°C oven
When you take them from the oven, they will still be really soft and look like they're not cooked, but this is fine as they will harden while they cool!
Thank you to Anna for posting this recipe, I will defnitely be making these again!


Friday, 15 March 2013


Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past couple of days, the chances are you'll have heard that Google Reader will be disappearing on July 1st. Google haven't announced anything about Google Friend Connect yet, but just to err on the side of caution I'd really appreciate it if you could pop on over to Bloglovin and follow my blog through that! (if you'd like to of course!)
The link is:

Oh, and the reason for the major lack of posting recently is because I am literally snowed under with uni work (urgh)! I hope to be back posting regularly rather soon, I miss blogging!