Friday, 9 August 2013

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

My hair has been the same length for about as long as I can remember. I would absolutely love to have long hair, but unfortunately for me my hair never seems to grow past a 'certain length'. Enter this product which claims to be specifically targeted at hair 'that never grows past a certain length'. Sounds perfect no? (apologies for the state this product is in, I've had it for ages and completely forgot to photograph it before I used it - oops!)

First of all, I really love the packaging of this! Mainly because I am a complete sucker for anything bright pink. but it's just such a lovely colour and looks really nice on display in your bathroom! Anyway, I digress..
"Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment with Pro-Growth complex, contains a protein-based complex to fertilise your follicles to help hair grow faster and reach its maximum potential length."
It is recommended that you use this every time you wash your hair until you see an improvement, and then to reduce the use to once a week. It also recommends that you use an "egg sized" amount but I found this was way too much for my hair, I used a lot less than that (obviously this depends on the length and thickness of your hair - mine is medium length and quite fine so I didn't need a huge amount). I used this every time I washed my hair for about 4 weeks, and in all honesty I didn't notice any difference in the length of my hair at all. I now tend to use it just once a week like the packaging suggests.
Although I didn't notice any difference in the length of my hair, I did love how this made my hair feel after use. It made my hair extremely soft and shiny, and did make it appear fuller.
I do like this product, just not for its main use. I didn't feel it made any difference to the length of my hair, but I do think it makes a really good hair treatment in terms of making the hair feel super clean and silky. I probably wouldn't repurchase as I am basically using this as a deep conditioner and I know there are other, cheaper ones on the market, so I would probably try a different brand. I was slightly gutted this didn't work for me, as I know a lot of people rave about this!
You can buy the Lee Stafford treatment for £7.99 from Boots.


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Okay. So. It's been almost 2 whole months since I last wrote a blog post. In all honesty it really doesn't seem that long ago, I really don't know where the time has gone! In truth there wasn't a reason why I stopped writing on my blog, I just lost my 'blogging mojo' and just generally had nothing I felt I wanted to write about. In any case, I finally feel ready to put some effort back into my little piece of the Internet, so here goes!

After getting back from my holiday, I needed a new foundation in a darker shade to match my new found tan, so I went to Boots and picked up the Bourjois Healthy Mix on a complete whim. I have used this foundation before, and really enjoyed using it so I decided to give it another whirl. Since the last time I used it, they have revamped the packaging to give it some lovely red accents, and I am actually a huge fan of the new packaging. It now comes in a glass bottle as opposed to the plastic bottle it used to come in, and I personally feel that the red accents make it look quite classy.

"16 hour radiance booster! Instant anti-fatigue result! Give your skin a boost of radiance with Bourjois’ Healthy Mix foundation with a vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula for an even complexion and an instant anti-fatigue result! "
Bourjois claims that this foundation will make you look 'flawless' for up to 16 hours. I'm not too sure it lives up to this claim, as I do tend to find myself powdering my face after around 7/8 hours, although I do have quite oily skin so this may be down to that. I will agree with the claim that it makes you look flawless though, as it really does make your skin look smooth and evens out any imperfections you may have.
The formula of this foundation is quite strange - it's almost gel-like, but because of this it blends into the skin really easily. I tend to apply this with my Real Techniques expert face brush, but it also blends in really well with your fingers if that's how you roll!
I have the shade 52 'vanilla', which is slightly darker than I would usually go for due to just returning from holiday, but it is a really good match. I find a lot of Bourjois foundations have quite yellow-y undertone, which can be a pain but fortunately it works for me! There are 8 shades available to choose from, which isn't a great shade range but unfortunately this is quite typical of drugstore foundations!
I really like this foundation and would definitely recommend it if you can find a shade match! It's probably most suited to drier skins as it's quite hydrating, but that's not to say it doesn't work for oily skins too!
This is £9.99 and available from Boots and Superdrug.