Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Lush Lip Scrubs

I'm not sure if many companies actually produce lip scrubs - I know the only ones I've ever heard much about are the Lush lip scrubs and some others which are stupidly expensive so needless to say I haven't ventured into trying them. I am, however, a big fan of Lush's offerings.

The two I have are the infamous Bubblegum one, and Lush's seasonal offering, the Santa lip scrub. Both claim to buff away dry/dead skin and leave your lips super smooth and soft. Surprisingly, the two actually have very different textures - the Bubblegum scrub is quite grainy and doesn't hold together all that well, and the Santa scrub feels less harsh but is actually easier to use as it holds together and is easier to get out of the tub. 

The two sugar scrubs are edible - meaning that once you have buffed your lips with them, you can lick your lips rather than remove the product with tissue/a cotton pad. This is a nice concept, although I am aware some people would find this rather disgusting! The bubblegum scrub is (obviously) bubblegum flavoured, and tastes amazing. The Santa scrub is supposedly cherry cola flavoured, although I can't say it actually tastes of cherry coke. It does have a pleasant taste though, which is good.

The Santa scrub actually came with little red hearts on top of the scrub, which looked nice and cute but I have to say they added nothing to the scrub - they seemed to stick to my lips and teeth and tasted horrible! They are just on the top of the scrub though so once you've used the top layer they aren't an issue.

I do like these - they leave your lips extremely soft and would make your lips a nice smooth canvas to apply lipstick should you wish, and the bubblegum one especially tastes amazing. I do think they're slightly overpriced as you could make them yourself since they are predominantly sugar and oil, but I do think they are a nice addition to your collection!

These are £5.50 each and available from lush.co.uk (the santa scrub was limited edition for christmas though - sorry!). I believe these also come in popcorn flavour, and a mint choc chip flavour, so there should be something for everyone!