Friday, 18 May 2012

ELF Cosmetics Nail Polish

Hello everyone,
It feels like ages since I last wrote a post, even though it was only Tuesday. I suppose it's because I'm used to writing nearly everyday, but I've been super busy this week. I start a placement at a local primary school next week which I am so excited about, but also really nervous. I'm sure it will be fine though :)

I had been seeing lots of reviews about Eyes, Lips, Face (or ELF as they are more commonly known) and had a cheeky browse on their website one day last week. I was amazed by how cheap the stuff on there was. I ended up buying 3 nail polishes, a foundation brush and something called a 'zit zapper' which I'm really hoping works since I've been having a few breakouts recently :( This post is just going to be about the nail polishes though.

I'm always cautious about buying cosmetics online, as I want to see them in person before I buy them in case I don't like the colour etc. Seeing as though the nail polishes were only £1.50 each (!!!) I decided I had nothing to lose and bought them anyway.

The shades I chose were (L-R) Mango Madness, Pink Passion and Mod Mauve.
Mango Madness is an orange/coral coloured creme with no hint of shimmer, Pink Passion is a pink polish with gold shimmer, and Mod Mauve is a browny/mauve coloured creme again with no shimmer.

The above pictures show one coat of each polish.

One thing I will say is that ELF should really review some of the swatches on their website! The colours I got, Mod Mauve especially, look different to their online swatches. Luckily for me, I do like the ACTUAL colours so no harm done there.

I was actually really surprised at the quaity of these. They are very well pigmented, and extremely easy to work with. The consistency is a little on the runny side but this had no effect on the application. Mango Madness in particular definately only needed one coat, the other colours 2 coats would have been better. There is quite a lot of colours to choose from on the ELF website, I only got 3 because it was my first order and I wasn't sure if I was going to like them, but based on these I will definately be getting some more.

As I have only just swatched them I can't comment on how long they last, but to me, even if they only last a couple of days, they are still amazing quality for the price.

I ordered these on Monday, and chose standard delivery at the checkout. The website claims they will aim to dispatch all orders within 48 hours, but by Wednesday evening I had heard nothing. However, just as I remembered about the order, I recieved an email apologising for the delay, and estimating that my parcel would be sent out on Thursday. This was a nice touch as it meant I knew they had not forgotten about my order, they were simply rather busy. I recieved an email on Thursday evening saying my parcel had been dispatched and delivery would take 1-5 working days. And voila, my postman knocked on the door this morning (Friday) with my parcel! Yay!

I would recommend ELF to anyone, the quality is beyond amazing for the prices!

You can find ELF at (for the UK and Europe - though I think some countries have their own website, double check on ELF's site) and (for the USA).

Have any of you tried ELF before?


  1. I've nominated you on my blog for the versatile blogger award! Check it out :)

  2. you picked some really gorgeous colors, Hannah! can't believe they were so cheap!;-)