Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mavala Nail Colour in 213 Pure Diamond

Hello lovelies.
I was browsing in my local boots this morning and discovered a brand of nail polish that I had not heard of before, probably because they were not in a regular stand, they were in fact tucked away underneath the false eyeashes (strange I know). The brand is Mavala, which by doing some research, I have found is a brand from Switerland, and it is stocked (as far as I can see) in Boots, Co-operative pharmacies, John Lewis and online from www.beautybay.com and www.feelunique.com.

I spent a while choosing a colour I liked (I only wanted to pick up one because they were £4.10 each for a tiny little 5ml bottle and only wanted to see if I liked them). I finally decided on 213 'Pure Diamond' which is a holographic glitter in a clear base (in hindsght this probably wasn't the best to choose in order to see if I liked the brand, but I just couldn't resist the sparkles!).

As you can see, the bottles are tiny, and come with a little silver lid. Truthfully Im not a huge fan of the packaging but then again it's the product that really matters so I am willing to look past this.

In terms of application this was really easy to work with for a glitter polish. Normally I struggle trying to get the glitter even but this was okay (except for the nail with 3 coats which as you can see I had a tiny bit of difficulty with). In the bottle it looks very dense, but as you can see with just one coat it's actually not at all. It doesn't even become opaque with 3 coats, so I would use this to layer over another colour. I think over black would look good.

Overall, I do like this, but probably wouldn't wear it on it's own. It's a very pretty sparkly colour which when catches the light glows many different colours. I would probably have to buy a normal colour polish from Mavala to properly test the brand, but based on this I think I probably would buy another one. The bottles are tiny, but if like me, you never finish a bottle of polish before it goes all gloopy and horrible, this shouldn't be too much of an issue.

What do you think? Anyone tried Mavala before?


  1. I've never tried any of the Mavala polishes before but this looks so pretty, and over another colour I bet it will look amazing! x

  2. never heard of Mavala but I am definitely gonna keep an eye out for it, looks fab. Quite pricey for such a small bottle though!