Saturday, 10 November 2012

Collection Primed and Ready

I have had this to write about for literally the longest time - in fact, I'm now onto my third tube of this stuff so I thought it was definitely about time I reviewed it on my blog!
Primed and Ready is a new-ish release from Collection (formerly Collection 2000), and it is essentially just a base for your make up. I was never a fan of primers, and didn't see their use, but after using one everyday for the past few months I can't apply make up without one! A good primer should make your foundation apply smoothly and give you a flawless finish.
The packaging of this is quite simple - it's a matte black tube with bright pink writing. I personally quite like it, but obviously not everyone will!
As you can see, the actual primer is clear and quite thick in consistency. I can't for the life of me find an ingredients list for this, but it definitely feels like a silicone based primer. It makes your skin feel smooth and soft, but I know some people aren't too keen on the silicone based primers so if that's you then steer clear of this!
Collection claim that this "preps the skin, provding a beautiful base for easier make-up application and ensures your make-up remains intact throughout the day". I have to say, it does make your skin soft and smooth, and it conceals pores quite well so it does make an excellent base for your make up. The only thing I'm not 100% sold on is the fact that it keeps your make up in place all day, but in all honesty, I have yet to find a primer that is amazing at this.
I have seen quite a few people say that this reminds them of the POREfessional by Benefit. I have tried both of these, and although they are similar, the Benefit primer just edges this one, although to be fair, I would have expected that from the price difference between the two.
The only thing I will say about this is use it sparingly! If you use a small amount it works perfectly - use too much and it just won't blend into your skin and it just sort of clumps together (not nice in the slightest!).
Overall I really like this primer. It's the best high street primer I have tried, and if you're looking for something similar to the porefessional but don't want to fork out the massive price tag then this may just be for you.
This is £5.99 for 18ml and is available from Boots and Superdrug.

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  1. This sounds great and so cheap. Going to look into purchasing it :)
    LaceyLoves x