Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash

I am a huge fan of Soap & Glory - I think their products are really good quality, and of course, the packaging is absolutely amazing. I had heard a lot of good things about this, and as I had run out of my beloved Snow Fairy shower gel, I decided that now was a good time to try this.
"Wake up and smell the citrus! Soap & Glory's energising, revitalising fresh & foamy body wash (and bath bubbles) scented with freshly squeezed lime. Also featuring COOLCAPSULE™X to cool and refresh, radiance-boosting KIWI WATER JUICE and our super creamy M-SUDS™ moisture boosting base with skin conditioners"
First off, this smells absolutely gorgeous. It's scented with lime, but it's not at all like a traditional citrus scent. It's quite a sweet smell, so won't be everyone's cup of tea but I absolutely love it.
This foams up really nicely in the shower, and it really does feel like it's doing a good job of cleaning your skin. After using this in the shower, my skin feels smooth and not at all dry, as I've found some shower gels can make my skin quite dry.
The packaging is also really lovely - Soap & Glory is one of them brands where I love displaying their products in the bathroom as they just look so pretty!
I was actually quite surprised when I discovered that the body wash itself was white - I think I just assumed it would be pink from the bottle! It's also got a completely different consistency to a 'traditional' shower gel, as it's actually more like a cream than a gel.
I would 100% recommend that you try this, or at least give it a whiff next time you're in Boots. It may have even overtaken Snow Fairy as my favourite shower gel!
Available from Boots and priced at £6.50 for 500ml.



  1. oooh I didn't know they made this in a shower gel! I'm in love with the body scrub! eeep I'll have to try this out! xx

    1. I think it's quite new :) I haven't tried the body scrub but I think I might after using this! Xx

  2. I've heard so much about this, and i love the Snow Fairy shower gel, so i will have to try it!

    1. It's really nice, quite similar to the snow fairy one as its really sweet :)xx

  3. quite possibly the best body brand ever!! i love so much of their stuff especially this product and even more the fragrance :D

  4. I love soap and glory too! I actually prefer this scent to the original one!:) xx

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  6. I am a big fan of Soap and Glory and this has made me want to purchase it! Your blog is gorgeous and I have no idea, why you don't have more followers!! Looking forward to reading more blog updates, following you now!



    1. Ah me too! I've loved nearly everything I've tried from them :) thank you for your lovely comment too! :) xxx