Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Beauty and Blogging Resolutions

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!
I didn't actually mean to take a break from my blog between Christmas and New Year - I was planning on writing a few posts, but I just found I didn't have time, and I thought, Christmas is a time for family, I'm going to spend as much time as possible with them! So that's what I did.
I have seen lots of people do posts on beauty/blogging resolutions and I've been really enjoying reading them, so I thought for my very first post of 2013 I would jump on the bandwagon and write my own. They probably won't be very unique ones, but things that I feel are important or that I would like to achieve!
#1. Wash Make Up Brushes More Often
(image from weheartit)
This is something I am absolutely terrible at. I know how important it is to prevent the spread of germs and breakouts etc, yet I still never seem to do it! Lately I've been getting quite a few breakouts and I'm hoping that by washing my brushes thoroughly and more often, this will improve.
#2. Experiment With Brighter Colours
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I absolutely love bright eyes and lips on other people, but never have the confidence to wear them myself. I really want to start experimenting, especially with brighter lip colours.
#3. Find the Perfect Skincare Routine
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I like to think I have a pretty good skincare routine at the minute, but I always feel like theres something missing. I can't quite put my finger on what it is yet, but I plan to experiment to see what works for me.
#4. Redesign my Blog
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As much as I do like the design of my blog how it is, it has been pretty much the same ever since I started blogging back in April. I would really like to redesign it myself, as I think I would be really impressed if I managed to master html etc!
#5. Be Happy!
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As much as this is so, so cheesy, it's so unbelievably true. It's not exactly related to beauty or blogging, but it's definitely my main goal this year. "Do what makes you happy".



  1. Great resolutions :) some of ours are similar! I'll need to add 'clean brushes' to it haha I really should do it more. xox

    The Style Khaleesi

    1. Ah I'm so bad at washing my brushes! Should really do it more often xx

  2. Fab resolutions, defiantly agree with number one, I always forget to wash mine, oopps! Xx

    1. Ah I know, just seems such a boring job too! Xx