Thursday, 12 April 2012

Soap & Glory Flake Away

This is a "shea butter, sugar and peach seed body polish" from Soap & Glory ( It smells absolutely gorgeous, I almost want to eat it! This is actually my mum's, she recieved it as a christmas gift a few years ago (she thinks) and has given it to me since she has never used it. I don't know if it was part of a gift set or something like that but I thought I'd try it. I also can't seem to find it on their website, so I don't actually think it's still available? I thought I'd write a post on it anyway.

As you can see, it is just like an exfoliator. (Apologies for the messed up product, I forgot to take a picture of it before I stuck my fingers in it, doh.). I have been using it now for about a week, and it has definately made my skin a lot softer and smoother. I think it's meant for the entire body but I have mainly been using it on my face. The texture is slightly greasy once rubbed in, but it comes off very easily with just some warm water. Overall, I'm quite impressed with this, and slightly gutted I can't seem to find it anywhere!

UPDATE: Ok, I'm blind. I found it on the Soap & Glory website. It just has slightly different packaging, yay!
(RRP £7.00 for 300ml)

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