Monday, 30 April 2012

MUA Lipstick Shade 11

Helloo everyone!
Firstly I want to thank the lovely Louisa Mary for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. As you know, I haven't been blogging long and for someone to actually be interested in the stuff I waffle on about is amazing, haha. I will definately do the 7 facts about myself and other blog nominations soon :).

On to today's post. I have only just really discovered MUA, which is a brand exclusively available in Superdrug. I rarely wear lipstick or lipgloss and have been wanting to experiment more with them, and so figured MUA would be a good place to start seeing as it's only £1.00 per lipstick! The shade I really wanted was a kind of "my lips but better" shade which sadly was out of stock (I can't remember the shade number sorry), and so I decided finally on Shade 11, which is actually quite a difficult shade to describe haha! It's got a red hint to it, but it's not in your face red.

The packaging is simple, which I would expect from a lipstick costing £1.00, but it's not horrible or anything like that. The reason I have only swatched it on my hand and not on my lips is actually because this shade does not suit me at all! I'm quite pale and I found this colour almost washed me out and looked really silly on my lips :\. Besides this, it was actually really nice to apply, and glided over my lips with no problems. It's fairly pigmented which is good, but I would definately choose a lighter more neutral shade next time. I might grow to like this but because I am not used to having colour on my lips I couldn't stop staring at it and didn't like it much haha.

Overall for £1.00 I would buy this brand again just in a different shade. I may pop back to Superdrug later in the week to see if they have the shade I wanted in the first place. Obviously I cannot comment on the staying power of this because I did not keep it on my lips long enough, but it was quite easy to rub off my hand with some tissue, which could mean that it isn't very long lasting?

On a completely different note, I bought some new shoes! :)

I have been looking for some shoes like this for ages because I like the style and think they go with pretty much everything. The peacocks website is down at the minute, so I can't post a link, but these were £12.00 and off the top of my head they had them in a coral colour and maybe blue as well. I chose black because they go with more, but I may have to pick up a coral pair because they were really pretty and summery :)



  1. MUA is soo good! i love it! i almost think for £1 it doesnt really matter if you dont like it because it hasnt burned too much of a hole in your pocket and youve got to try out something new that you may not have before. great post :) like your shoes too! x

    1. I'm not too bothered that I didn't love it like you said its only £1 :)
      Ive tried the eyeshadows and the powder from MUA and I love them, the lipstick was good too just not the right shade for me :(
      For £1 I think it's pretty great :D x

  2. I didn't know that MUA is soo cheap though I heard about them lots of good things!
    love your shoes!

    1. It's a really good brand considering its so cheap! X

  3. I love that lippy colour is so nice and for only a £1?!
    What a bargin!
    Followed you <3

    1. It's a nice colour it just didn't suit me! For £1 though they have about 12 shades so there should be one for everyone :) x