Friday, 13 April 2012

New Barry M Polishes

In Superdrug, they have 5 new Barry M shades (that I could see, I don't know if there's more, I can't see anything on Barry M's website). They were Black Multi Glitter, Denim, Teal, Copper and Silvery Lilac. I of course, couldn't resist this one:

This is a black polish with tiny flecks of holographic glitter. I haven't swatched it yet though so I don't know how good it looks on the nail.

Denim is a bluey-purple glittery one, Copper a goldy-brown shimmer, Silvery Lilac was slightly like the Barry M Silver Foil Nail Effects I think, but with a Purple tinge to it, and Teal was an aqua coloured duochrome.

Also, there were 2 Barry M magnetic polishes, a black one, and a deep red one. The names of these escape me, but I think by the look of them, each polish has a slightly different magnet to create different effects on the nail.

Hope this was somewhat informative/useful! :)

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  1. I love this..It has amazing pigmentation! I just posted a review on it :-) Love your blog. I've followed! xx