Thursday, 26 April 2012

Paris Hilton by ElegantTouch False Nails

I'm not normally a huge fan of false nails. Don't get me wrong, I love how they look, but I hate having really long nails as I find they get in the way, especially when I'm trying to type on my phone or when I'm trying to get change out of the till at work. I saw these nails in Tesco, and I wouln't have normally picked them up but they were in a reduced to clear basket and were marked down from £6.50 to £3.25, so I picked up 2 packets and decided to give them a try as the designs were really pretty.

The 2 designs I chose were "Party Girl" and "Natural Beauty", though there were 2 other desgins as well. I applied the "Natural Beauty" nails but I forgot to take a picture of the packaging first so the pictures are of the "Party Girl" packaging.

You get 24 nails in each pack which is good as there's a wide variety of sizes and you may even get more than one wear out of a pack. The nails also come with a mini nail file and a tube of glue (which is extremely difficult to get out of the tube!). The packaging of the "Natural Beauty" nails was exactly the same but the box was pink instead of black. The nails were quite easy to apply; you put the required amount of glue onto the natural nail, and then press and hold the falsie onto the real nail for about 10 seconds and the nail will be stuck on.

In terms of lasting power, these were in fact very good. I applied them on a Sunday night, and then went to work for a 9 hour shift on Monday, and they survived. I didn't actually lose a nail until th Thursday which I thought was good seeing as I had done 3 shifts at work and I am a very clumsy person anyway!

These were the natural beauty nails:

As you can see, these are a typical French Manicure design, but instead of plain white tips.they actually have little flowers on with a glittery dot in the centre of each flower which I thought was cute. I didn't file these down at all so this is the actual length of the false nails, but you could file them down to the length you wanted.

Overall, I was impressed with these nails. They stayed on for a long time and looked pretty. I probably wouldn't repurchase normally as long nails tend to annoy me after a while, but for a special occassion, I would definately buy these again.

Has anyone tried these?

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