Monday, 23 April 2012

Andrew Barton Hair Products

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts over the weekend, I've been super busy but I think now I am back into the swing of things :)

Today I have for you 3 hair products that I actually recieved for Christmas but I completely forgot about until about 2 weeks ago. They are Andrew Barton Gloss Boss Shampoo, Gloss Boss Conditioner and The Straight Answer Protection Spray.

The products are from Andrew Barton's "Shiny Happy Hair" collection, and the claims
 they make are "a collection of no fuss, no nonsense hair products that work" and "leaves your hair feeling magical and gorgeous". The products in this range don't have a very strong smell, just a light, pleasant, kind of floral-y one, which is nice.

I have been using these 3 for about 2 weeks now, and I have noticed a difference in my hair. After washing, my hair feels soft and looks shiny, which is the claim the products make. I tried using the shampoo without the conditioner afterwards to see what effect the shampoo had on its own, and while my hair still felt soft, I think you would need to use the conditioner from the range as well to see the full benefits. The heat protection spray is the product I like the most out of these. I straighten my hair almost every day and it's fair to say it's not in the best condition. Since using the spray, I have noticed that while my hair has not got any better, it certainly has not got worse, which I am positive it would have done if I wasn't using the spray. I'm actually getting my hair cut at the weekend so I will see if the spray still works wonders once my split ends have been chopped off :).

There are quite a few Andrew Barton collections, and I also have tried the "SOS Help Me" one, which I thought was really good too. If you are interested in these products, they are available at ASDA; the shampoo retails for £4.00 for 400ml, the conditioner is £4.00 for 250ml and the heat protection spray is £4.00 for 250ml. They are currently in ASDA's 2 for £6.00 event though so if you would like them, stock up now :)

What do you think? Have you tried these products?


  1. I've not tried them but I would be interested to try to conditioner at least. I find that no shampoo does wonders for my hair - I could use asda's own but as long as I used a good conditioner you wouldn't be able to tell.

    1. I found that the conditioner worked well with any shampoo not just this one but the shampoo didn't agree with the herbal essences conditioner I used haha, x