Thursday, 7 June 2012

Essie Nail Polish Trio from TKMaxx - Help Please!

Hello everyone,
I recently bought a trio of Essie nail polishes from TK Maxx, but none of them came with any names on! (very annoying). I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me. I tried googling the numbers that are engraved on the bottom of the bottle but had no luck - but I don't know if that's just me being stupid, haha.
These are the nail polishes that came in the set:

The first one is a pink shade - it's not too bright but other than that is difficult to describe unfortunately. Some people have suggested that it may be Cute As A Button, but after seeing some swatches online I'm not sure. Unfortunately I haven't got any swatches of these yet, but if I have no luck from this post I will swatch them and then see if anybody knows.

The second one is a true brown. It is not rich enough to be a dark chocolate colour, but it is darker than a milk chocolate. It has no red undertones and is a true brown.

The third one was really difficult to photograph. It is a topcoat, which looks a milky colour in the bottle, but in the light flashes pink and gold. I *think* this may be Kisses and Bises, but if anyone else has any better suggestions then please do let me know!

Any help would be really appreciated!


  1. In love with the brown coloured one, need it to still be Autumn so I could get away with wearing it every day!


  2. Huge Essie fan, really dont know how out of an 80+ Essie polish collection I dont have that brown..its lovely:)
    Sara xx New happy follower

    1. Haha, these are the only Essie ones I have because they never used to be available in the UK until recently, I'm really liking these though :) x

  3. I bought this set not so long ago hun!

    Brown - Little Brown Dress
    Pink - Cute As A Button
    White/Clear - Kisses and Bises

    Hope this helps :-)