Friday, 8 June 2012

ELF Cosmetics Haul

Hello everyone,
I hate the word 'haul', but I wanted to show you what I bought from ELF last week :)

Clockwise from left:

Also, over the Jubilee weekend, ELF were also offering a number of deals, one of which was a free "Mystery Bag" when you spent over £15. Here is what was in my "Mystery Bag":

The Mystery Bag was worth £9.00 altogether, which I think is really good considering you only had to spend £15.00 to get one. Unfortunately this offer is no longer available, I just wanted to share with you what I recieved. I will be doing a review of the Beauty Book later today because I think it's rather cool :)

ELF is available at (UK) and (USA)


  1. I made a elf order over the weekend, looking forward to finding out what is in my mystery bag! xx

    1. I was the same! Thought it was a really good offer :) x