Friday, 3 May 2013

Barry M Nail Art Pens

I had been wanting to try some nail art pens for ages, but somehow had never got round to purchasing any. However when I saw that Barry M, my absolute favourite high street nail polish brand were bringing out these nail art pens, I immediately popped off to Boots in search of some. There are four colours available - black, white, pink and silver. I opted for black and white purely because I thought these would be the 2 I would get the most use out of.
Please excuse the rather rubbish "nail art" designs, but in my defence, I haven't had much practice!
When you first open these, you have to sort of "pump" the nib on a hard surface to get the polish to come out, but once you've done this, the polish flows smoothly from the tip. The polish inside these is really good quality, it's not too thick so it comes out of the tip in big clumps, but it's thick enough so it has a really good opacity.
These are really easy to use, simply hold them like a regular pen and you're on your way. I do find it's extremely difficult to use my right hand with these (I'm left handed), but this obviously comes down to practice!
Overall I'm really happy with these - they've given me the perfect opportunity to try out some nail art, they're really good quality, easy to use and affordable! What more could you want?
These are available from Boots, Superdrug and and are priced at £4.99


  1. These look really nice and easy to use. I keep meaning to have a look for some nail art pens, but they're so pricey :/

    Laura x

    1. They're really good :) I think you can get some cheap ones from amazon/ebay, I was looking at some but never got round to buying any! Xx

  2. Ohhh you created some created designs, those pens sound great. I never have the patience to do anything like this when doing my nails.

  3. you're actually quite good luv! I would definitely pay you to do mine! :)