Thursday, 11 April 2013

Boots Botanics Mattifying Cleansing Mousse

My skin always used to be dry/normal - I had a relatively normal skin type with some dry patches around my nose and on my forehead. However, recently I've noticed that my skin seems to be getting oilier and oilier, to the point where my foundation would only stay on my face for a couple of hours before sliding off due to the excess oil! Because of my seeminly changing skin type, I thought it'd be best to adapt my skincar routine and make-up to suit my new found oily skin (yay! not).
I actually picked this up on a complete whim - the Botanics range from Boots is not something I often hear about, or see written about on blogs. However, something about this caught my eye - presumably the fact that it promised to "cleanse, clarify and reduce excess oil".
This is a cleansing mousse which claims to "dissolve excess oil and thoroughly cleanse to instantly mattify, refresh and rebalance". You put a couple of pumps of mousse into your hand, and then rub into dry skin in a circular motion, before washing off with warm water.
I must admit, I had my doubts as to whether a mousse consistency would be any good at removing make up and cleansing the skin, but I was pleasantly surprised. This actually removes make up really easily - you don't have to rub too hard or cleanse multiple times. The only thing I will say is that this isn't suitable for removing eye make up as it stings your eyes really, really badly! I tend to use a specific eye make up remover for that.
In terms of combatting oiliness, I really do feel that this does a great job. After using this, my skin feels smooth and clean, and looks completely mattified! I have also noticed a difference in how long my foundation stays in place after using this, as it has reduced the oiliness of my skin dramatically.
This also smells really nice too - it's somewhat floral-y which I know isn't everyone's bag but personally it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I am also someone who usually breaks out with scented products, but I haven't experienced any signs of a breakout since using this so fingers crossed it stays that way!
I'd really recommend this to anyone looking for a cleanser for oily skin. It has definitely improved the oiliness of my skin and it works really well as a cleanser too!
This is usually £3.99 for 150ml, but is currently on offer at £2.69 from Boots. 


  1. This sounds amazing. I've got oily/dry skin and the same thing happens with my foundation, which is annoying. I think I'll definitely keep a look out for this :)

    Laura x

  2. I love those Boots Botanics range. I personally wouldn't try this one as I don't have oily skin. Nice review

    Beauty Fiends Blog