Monday, 24 December 2012

Weekly Wishlist #17

Can you believe it's Christmas Eve?! I don't honestly know where this year has gone, it seems to have absolutely flown by. This will probably be the last weekly wishlist of the year, as next Monday will be New Year's Eve and I will be working (only until 4pm though, so I guess it's not too bad!).

I have been lusting after a MAC lipstick for I don't know how long and I am thinking of treating myself to one to wear on New Years Eve, and this colour has caught my eye.
I need a dress for the New Years Eve party I'm going to and this is perfect. I am a big fan of lace, especially navy lace, and I really like the style of this one.
I absolutely love pugs. I mean seriously, I really, really want a pug, but I just don't have the time to look after one properly at the minute. I guess I'll settle for these amazing pug socks until I can finally get a real one!
I have wanted this for so long now, I hear amazing things about it on an almost daily basis, so I think I may have to cave and buy this at the same time as the lipstick!



  1. Ohhh Love the colour of Mac Hue! My Mac Angel lipstick broke on Saturday night and I felt like crying! Xx

  2. Love love love the Pug socks!!! :) xx