Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Small Interruption!

Hey everyone,
I haven't written a post in a week now which makes me sad :( Please don't think I have forgotten my blog or anything like that, it's simply a matter of not having enough time!

I enrolled for my second year of uni last week (scary, I swear I didn't already do a year?!.. anyway) and discovered I have two projects to do before I start back in September, hence the reason for the lack of blog posts! I am aware I don't go back for around four weeks yet, but I wanted to get them done now so there's no last minute rushing about.

I am also very excited to purchase new stationary (I'm a stationary geek, haha), which may seem slightly sad, but I don't care ;)

So, the projects will probably take me a couple of weeks, so there won't be any blog posts until they are completed :( But I WILL be back when they are done and dusted!

I thought I'd just write this as it makes me feel almost guilty when I don't post for ages with no apparent reason! This post is just for my conscience (I have no idea how to spell that?) really!

Have a good couple of weeks and normal blogging shall resume shortly!

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  1. Love your blog, and would love for you to check out mine!