Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Little Note!

Hello everyone!
I haven't posted for an absolute age, so I'm sorry about that! I go on holiday tomorrow so I've been super busy getting myself organised for that, and on top of that, my laptop has decided to have a funny turn. It should be fixed by the time I get back so we should be all back to normal :)
I'm writing this post on my iPhone, it will probably look horrible cos the font will be different etc but I can't work out how to change it :S. (I found it now :P)
So anyway, this was just to say that there won't be any posts for at least another week, but after that there should be regular posting :) I miss blogging a lot but I hate the blogger iPhone app so I don't want to be writing posts on here too often!
Hope you're all okay and have a good week!

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